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Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus to address World Football Summit

Organizers of the World Football Summit have announced that Nobel Prize-winning Professor, Muhammad Yunus will address the gathering of global football minds at this year’s World Football Summit Europe scheduled for the Spanish city of Sevilla in September.

The renowned social entrepreneur will shed light on the transformative power of football to foster positive global change.

In a statement to announce the event, the organizers noted that “Professor Yunus, winner of the prestigious Nobel Laureate for the creation and development of the microcredit movement, will help lead conversations that will inspire football to become a force that drives positive change in the world”.

Apart from the Nobel Peace Prize, he is also the recipient of numerous international awards for his ideas and endeavors and has received all three highest US Civilian awards (Presidential Citizens Medal, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Congressional Gold Medal). Prof. Yunus is one of only seven people in history that has received these awards, along with recipients Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela. In 2009, Forbes named Professor Yunus one of its “10 Most Influential Business Gurus.”

The Yunus Sports Hub works with thousands of young people, athletes, business leaders, and organizations in sports to help them realize their social business potential and contribute towards a more sustainable world.

In 2022, the Yunus Sports Hub focused on inspiring and training future and current social entrepreneurs, helping athletes to create and accelerate their social impact while generating income, developing a generation of socially conscious future leaders within the sports industry, helping organizations transition towards more sustainable revenue streams, among many other positive impacts.

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