FIFPRO: Soccer must protect public health, players and competitions

The umbrella body of soccer players worldwide, FIFPRO has shown concerns for soccer players and fans in the whole wide world as the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues unabated.

FIFPRo says they will continue to monitor the consequences of the spread of the disease around the world and its impact on the professional soccer industry.

The body representing all soccer players in the world has called on various leagues and competitions organizers to ensure the safety of players and fans.

“Cross-border travel and attendance at games create a high risk, affecting everyone from spectators and players to match officials and club staff. To provide a reliable and clear course of action which puts people and public health first, we ask authorities and competition organizers to take transparent, reasonable and consistent decisions across the football industry based on government advice”, FIFPRO noted in a statement.

According to the representatives of the players, “professional footballers, like other workers, are concerned about themselves and their families and friends being exposed to the Coronavirus during their daily lives. For players, their exposure could come during travel, training and match days. Any actions relating to these activities must be coordinated in close cooperation with players and their unions”.

They have therefore admonished various stakeholders to suspend various leagues and competitions, if necessary.

“We ask that employers and competition organizers respect the wishes of players to take short-term precautionary measures including suspending training or competitions”.

FIFPRO believes matches behind closed doors and cancellations have a considerable effect on the revenue streams and cash flow of small and medium-sized clubs but the soccer industry should, therefore, consider extraordinary solidarity measures to protect the industry and support clubs in need through, for example, financial assistance or advanced payments.
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FIFPRO: Soccer must protect public health, players and competitions

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