Up close and personal with Ghana and Philadelphia Union young defender Joshua Yaro (PART III)

We bring you the PART III of our conversation with Philadelphia Union’s young and talented Ghanaian defender Joshua Yaro:

Ghana Soccer US: At age 21, are you looking forward to playing more games?

Joshua Yaro: It is early in the season but whenever I get the opportunity to play, I will go out there and do my best and try to make the best out of the opportunities I get. It is not everyone that can get this opportunity, there are a lot of players out there that are hoping to get the opportunity that I have so every opportunity that I get to represent the Union on the field of play is great so and I am always going to make the best out of it

Ghana Soccer US: What is your personal target and that of Philadelphia Union in this season’s league?

Joshua Yaro: Personally, as a player, you will like to play as many games as possible and do well in every game that you will play. And as an individual, I will ask myself how can I improve so for me, I am hoping to improve every day and as a team, we have our eyes on the play offs and hopefully win the championship. That is the dream of every team but the team we have this year is a group of talented and motivated guys so I think with the amount of dedication and hard work that we have shown, winning the championship is an attainable goal and overall, this season will be a good season for us

Ghana Soccer US: How do you rate the MLS? Is it competitive enough?

Joshua Yaro: I think we have to give credit to how far the league has come and grown, when we were in Ghana all that we heard was about going to Europe. All along, we were told that if you want to play football, you go to Europe; that was what we grew up hearing. The MLS has established itself as an alternative and has proven to be one of the fastest growing leagues. It has attracted a lot interests from all over the world and Ghanaians have also realized that it is not always about going to Europe but one could also come to the MLS. The level is good and one will enjoy playing in the league and also develop as a player so I think that is why a lot of Ghanaians are playing in the league now. I give a lot of credit to how well the MLS has established itself. It is very competitive

Ghana Soccer US: Every young player desire to play in the top European leagues, are you hoping for a breakthrough in Europe one day?

Joshua Yaro: I never close my doors because you never know where opportunities will come from but right now, my focus is with Philadelphia Union and how I can improve myself and how I can help the team to get it to where it should be. I just signed my professional contract; it has not been that long, so I am not thinking about leaving the club anytime soon but I will still take advantage of any opportunity that will come; I am not going to close my doors entirely but for now, the focus is with the Union and we are taking it a season by season

After my contract is over, if I am having a good career and everything is going well, why should I change my destination? I am not saying I won’t go to Europe or any other league but it is really hard to tell into the future especially a young player like who just signed a professional contract to make a decision or to know how it is out there but I will make a decision season by season but I again, all that I think about for now, is how to make Philadelphia Union a better team every week
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Up close and personal with Ghana and Philadelphia Union young defender Joshua Yaro (PART III)

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