Up close and personal with Ghana and Philadelphia Union young defender Joshua Yaro (PART II)

We bring you the PART II of our conversation with Philadelphia Union’s young and talented Ghanaian defender Joshua Yaro:

Ghana Soccer US: What is it about Right to Dream and college soccer and MLS?

Joshua Yaro: To be a good player, you cannot get up and decide that in the next two years, I am going to be a good player. It takes a lot of time, a lot of development and sometimes you have to start at a young age to get to where we are now. So I credit that also to my time at Right to Dream where we trained at a very high level. The education level was high and the level of coaching and mentoring were high enough. It (RtD) kept pushing me to be a better player everyday and so having that development at RtD gave me an advantage over a lot of young talents in Ghana because Ghana as a country has a lot of great football players. How many of us do get the chance to develop our talents? Having RtD as a platform gave me that mileage to develop my talents to take it to the next level so I trace back a lot of my success to my time with RtD so I am grateful to all those that helped and coached me to get to where I am now.

Ghana Soccer US: You said your debut for Philadelphia was special, were you bothered by the fact that you lost on your maiden MLS game?

Joshua Yaro: It was a bitter-sweet moment for me because I was happy that I played the whole game but the loss took away some of the excitement but we always learn when we lose and there is always room for improvement so I give thanks to the Lord for getting my debut but as an individual, I look at my work rate and see where I can improve but I was happy to get my debut and hopefully, I will do well in our next game.

Coming into the league, I knew I will get the opportunity to play and do well, that has always been my dream; a lot of us come from the college system and don’t even get a contract and some of us don’t get to play in the league, so that was a special moment for me and it is a blessing to get to be part of a team like Philadelphia Union so it is a great feeling to wear the jersey and go to the field to represent the team. It was my dream and I will always cherish this.

Ghana Soccer US: Coach Jim Curtin has given you a huge thumbs up for your maiden performance, how influential is the Philadelphia coach in your young career?

Joshua Yaro: He is really influential, he is someone that I respect, trust and look up to. He is someone that when I speak to and walk away, I say to myself this is the kind of coach I need. He is always encouraging me and pushing me to do my best. He always point out my mistakes to me and give me guidelines that I need to proceed as a player. I know he has some vision for me and a way to develop me as a player and I trust him 100 percent. So far, he has proven that he has a plan for me and he will see to it that I reach my potentials.
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